Best LED Light Bar for Trucks

If you are a truck driver you absolutely know how much inconveniencing it is to drive on a snowy or a moonless night with inefficient headlights. For you to ensure that you arrive safely at your destination you can have the LED light bars installed on your truck to have your way brightly lit when you encounter snow or rain.

When you go out looking a for an LED light bar for your truck don’t forget to keep your needs as the priority. Below is a list of the popular LED light bars for trucks for sale on Amazon that never disappoint.

The Black Oak LED Light Bar

You want a LED light bar that will give you some super light when travelling at night or in the snow? The black oak LED is the perfect one for you. It shines bright than you can ever imagine, you will think it is daytime and it ensures that you won’t drive around hitting fogs or people on the road.

Black Oak LED Light Bar

They are made of a high quality material and when it comes to installation you won’t need a professional because you can fix it on your own when using the instructions manual provided.

It’s easy to install and has attractively designed structure and extra bright lights. But when you light it around the home you will end up lighting your neighbors’ homes too because of the extra brightness.


AuxBeam 4 inch 18W CREE Flood Beam Dual Row Off Road LED Work Light bar

If you are a night driver you want to enhance your driving experience you need to get yourself an efficient LED light bar. With the flood beam led light bar you can never go wrong because it provides a bright light that covers a 180 degrees angle for your truck. It is also featured with an aluminum blend shell to enhance the dissipation results.

Auxbeam 4 inch 18W CREE

You don’t have to worry about the weather with this light bar because it is resistant to the harsh weather conditions; whether it is rainy or you are driving on a dusty trail this LED light bar will still remain in a perfect condition.


  • Can work in different types of trucks
  • It is weather resistant
  • Low current draw.


  • They have a rugged design
  • They have less than 2 feet of wire

KC HiLiTES 275 FLEX 10″ 50W LED Array Combo

If you want an LED light bar with a splendid performance the KC HiLiTES Array Combo won’t disappoint. It is featured with patented power system that allows it to have several assortments put together to form a single and a multiple row of LED light systems.


With this led light bar you will also enjoy an incredible brightness since it is featured with a 50 watt 10 inch FLEX Array LED light bar.


  • Wire harness
  • Highly durable
  • Fairly priced


The 5 array bar cannot be split

Vision X Lighting 9115870 Xmitter Prime Xtreme Black 11″ 5W Wide LED Flood Light

You don’t have to drive around hitting fog when you are driving in a snowy weather. You can install the Vision X Lighting Flood Light that will give you all the light you need to avoid such occurrences.

Vision X Lighting 9115870

It has a flood pattern feature that ensures that you have sufficient light to see where you are headed. With black aluminum housing it is definite that this LED light bar will never be affected by rust even when it is exposed to a moisty environment.


  • Durable
  • Weather resistant
  • An incredible light output


It sheds light on a small distance

WoneNice 52″ 300W LED Driving Light Bar 4WD Off Road Truck DC10-30V

A great LED light bar is equal to a great and safe driving experience. The WoneNice light bar is all you need to enhance your night driving experience. This LED light bar comes along with a LED power of 3000W 30000LM to ensure that you have sufficient light to see ahead.

It is also water proof to ensure that you ride along comfortably even on a rainy weather without them getting damaged. Moreover you will enjoy a 60 flood beam pattern to ensure that you can see a few meters ahead.

Pros : Exceptionally bright. Fair price compared to the features.  It is very sturdy.

Cons : It doesn’t come along with a wiring loom.

If you have been looking for a solution to driving on moonless nights or on snowy roads you now have it! Go ahead and purchase any of the above given LED bar lights for trucks and enjoy a once in a life time driving experience.

2019 Best LED Light Bar Brands

While you are behind the steering of your vehicle, you shall always want to have the best feel and experience whilst driving and that will only happen if you have the best and clear visibility on the road. It pays off you have the best visibility because the means safety for you and other road users and that is why you should have the LED light bars fitted. A LED light bar is simply a long or short array of high-luminosity LED light.

The purpose of this LED light is to supplement your car’s headlamps. A LED light bar is used to aid in night driving, emergency lighting or off the road riding when you are taking your car off road as it helps identify hazards and if need be, can assist when setting up camps.

So, with the New Year just kicking off, it will be a brilliant idea to know the best types of LED Light bars you can have fitted in your vehicle including their feature, usually these features form a solid ground for you to make decisions so read through them carefully and choose what is good for you.

Here’s top five LED light bars 2019

Eyourlife 22” Off Road 120w Led For Jeep

This particular LED bar light will give you the best value for your money. You can get it anywhere between $80 to $10 and its LED bar is full light.

It is extremely bright and simply amazing. This particular LED bar is a combo light with Spot and flood.

Many of the users who have bought it give it a five star rating and describe it as an amazing fitting which provided more than they expected from it at first glance. If you buy it from Amazon, it should be delivered free of charge.

Wonenice 52’ 300w Led Driving Light Bar

The manufacturer of this particular LED bar was so confident that he asks you to soak it in water just to test its quality, should it fail you will get a replacement.

That is how confident he was with its quality. Its 6500K white color range gives your car that perfect cool look once you turn on your head lights.

It is fitted with an internal current regulator that help prevent any damage that might arise because of voltage fluctuations and its high intensity LED lights gives them more power and illuminations. It has a guarantee and it costs on average $95.00

Xtreme E2 Series off Road 7.5” 36W LED Bar

The good thing about this product that makes it exceptional is that it is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles. The outer glass surface of this LED bar is made of Quartz lens with very high light transmission making it super bright.

This LED bar is waterproof, dustproof and quakeproof and it is also designed to eliminate excessive heating. For all the things it offers, it is affordable and goes for around $33.5

Lamphus Cruizer 12’72w Cree Led Bar

This LED bar has a 30 degrees focus of spot light which provides a very long range of coverage. It is also made of 6-3W creed LEDs bringing it to a total of 18W at 6000K color temperature and an amazing 1600 lumens. It is also water and dust resistant because of its aluminium casting. It also comes with an installation manual and a one year warranty.

Zone Tech Li0006 7” 36w Flood Beam Cree Led

It has a pure white daylight with its 6500 color temperature. This alone guarantees you clear visibility whether deep in darkness or at dusk. It also has low current draw hence it does not harm your battery.

This product is fitted with ultra-bright LEDS which allows you to work comfortably without the trouble of having to hold a flash light. They are great for outdoor activities such as camping and road trips among others. The great news is that you can get this for only $30.


Before making a final decision on the type of LED light bar you want to buy carry out a background research and do comparison between the various brands of LED light bars in the market to determine their quality and prices.

Learn to differentiate between high quality LED bars, though those may be a little bit expensive and the low quality cheaply made ones. This knowledge will ensure that you always get the best product for your bucks.

What is LED light bar and Why You Need It

If you are looking for the best light systems to be used for emergency lighting, night drives, boat riding during the night, house lighting or backyard lighting then look no more because LED light bars are here to take care of your needs. Before you decide on the type of LED light to purchase you have to check out its functionality, its price, its durability etc.

There is no way you can buy an LED light bar that is meant for backyard lighting and then you use it for night drives hence before you purchase one you have to ensure that you are buying the right one of the intended purpose.

What is an LED light bar?

This is either a short or long series of high-luminous LED light bulbs. The bulbs are mounted on a bar hence the name LED light bars. The bars are made from different materials are also available in different designs.

LED light bar has many light bulbs mounted on it hence the amount of light produced is able to illuminate a wider area compared to other lighting systems. LED light bars vary from those that are cheaply to those that are of high quality and their prices will vary depending on its quality.

Why do you need an LED light Bar?

Different people need LED light bars for various purposes. We have people who will use the lighting bulbs to illuminate their back yards; others will install them on their vehicles so that they can use them for night drives while fishermen need the LED lights for fishing at night. The various uses of these light bars means that each one of us needs to own either one or more LED light bars.

Another important reason why we need LED’S in our life is because it is made of several bulbs, so instead of depending on one single bulb we are provided with an array of them which provides more light thus illuminating a bigger space and it is also brighter.

Although the LED bars might cost you more when purchasing them, they are very cost effective when compared to other lighting bulbs. They consume very little energy so you don’t have to worry about increased electricity bills and also they are more durable.

Best 5 LED Light Bar on the Market Now

If you are reading this article I am assuming that you want to purchase the best LED light bar. I want to help you make your decision and I am going to present 5 of the best LED light bars that your money can buy. I think you want something rough, easy to mount and something “shiny”. Neither one of this awesome LED light bars won’t disappoint you, trust me. And you are going to have the ride of your life!

  1. VisionX Reflex LED Lightbar

The first product that I would recommend is VisionX Reflex LED Lightbar. You will be impressed by its design because this model comes with incredible and innovative appearance.

With this LED light bar you won’t have any problem sourcing a large range of high performance systems. Because this is such a heavy bar, everyone with notice and envy your ride.
The lengths that are available for this model are 6, 9, 12, 20, 34, 40 and 52. Most of the LED light bars come in black but this special model can be ordered also in white. If you think this is the model that suits you, don’t give it a second thought.

  1. Baja ONX LED Light Bar

The second best LED light bar that convinced me is Baja ONX LED Light Bar. This product will definitely give a lot of personality to your car and it’s very easy to fell in love with it. The designers had a lot of imagination and they’ve done such a good job.

Why Buy Light Bar for ATV, Trucks and Camping?

Nowadays, LED light bars are our best companions wherever we want to go whether indoors or outdoors. Not only are LED bars used as lighting equipment within home closets and kitchen cupboards, they are also used for trucks and other vehicles by responders, police, and firefighters as primary tools whenever emergency incidents take place.Compared to traditional ones, LED light bars have plenty of benefits, making most consumers prefer them.

Benefits of LED Light Bars

  1. They only require a very small amount of electrical energy.

If you want to reduce your electricity charges or to avoid your vehicles’ batteries from running out too fast, this modern type of light bars can be your replacement to your standard light bars. 

For these LED light bars only need a small amount of electricity to operate, they allow you to install them on your vehicles or on your cabinets at home, without bothering that they might drain your batteries or use too much electricity.

  1. They barely emit heat.

Since LED light bars require a very small amount of electricity, they narrowly produce heat that might damage themselves, overheat your vehicles, or burn out your home. And since they barely generate heat, you could confidently mount more on your vehicles, hence making you more prepared when you need lights in emergencies.

  1. They have longer life span.

Compared to the standard light bars with life span of about 15,000 hours, this type of modern lighting equipment can last longer up to 35,000 hours because it doesn’t use filaments that burn out after a short period of time.

Standard lights are known as a type of lighting that carries filaments within. Therefore, using LED light bars is a smart choice if you want to take advantage of quality lights three times better than the standard ones.

  1. They are lighter in weight.

Brighter than traditional ones, these light bars are lighter too. With that feature of these quality LED light bars, you can easily install and uninstall them through using removable suction cups whenever you want.

  1. Their colors can be customized.

As far as all we know, traditional light bars only produce one certain color of light, but LED light bars have in fact an array of colors from which you could choose to customize your own lights. You could make them like flashing stroboscope lights. Most users of this type of light bars greatly benefit from it by making them as emergency lights.

The Best LED Light Bar for Trucks

To give you some ideas on what particular LED light bars product you should trust to ascertain that you’ll be receiving more than the benefits mentioned above, I would like to introduce to you the OPT7® C1 42″ Off-Road LED Light Bar I have tested myself.

OPT7® C1 42″ Off-Road LED Light Bar

Forty percent brighter than other LED light bars, OPT7 has 258% longer life span due to Advanced BrightTM SMD LEDs, designed to emit the best possible light through 3W of energy per LED.

Protected by an IP67-rated Weatherproof aluminum casing with tempered glass, these LEDs can be installed on trucks like Chevrolet, Dodge, RAM, Jeep, Honda, Ford, GMC, Toyota, and Nissan.

But do you know what customers like most about this product? You can take it home for only $198.95 with free shipping. Order yours now! Be one of us who make the most of it. Equip yourself with the best LED light bar that will undeniably make your every adventure brighter and safer.

LED Light Bar Reviews : What to Consider in 2019

When looking for a best LED light bar in 2016, it is good to not only consider its pricing, but also a host of other factors that will see the light bar serving you effectively for a long time. These factors include the length of light bar, configurations, color, accessories, bar covers, and mounting options available. Before we review top 3 light bars, let’s take a look at what to consider before the buying decision.

In 2006, the first LED light bar was introduced. Today, there are innumerable brands and types in the market. Discover the benefits of this technology and sample a few of the leading products.