2016 Best LED Light Bar Brands

While you are behind the steering of your vehicle, you shall always want to have the best feel and experience whilst driving and that will only happen if you have the best and clear visibility on the road. It pays off you have the best visibility because the means safety for you and other road users and that is why you should have the LED light bars fitted. A LED light bar is simply a long or short array of high-luminosity LED light.

led light bar truck

The purpose of this LED light is to supplement your car’s headlamps. A LED light bar is used to aid in night driving, emergency lighting or off the road riding when you are taking your car off road as it helps identify hazards and if need be, can assist when setting up camps.

So, with the New Year just kicking off, it will be a brilliant idea to know the best types of LED Light bars you can have fitted in your vehicle including their feature, usually these features form a solid ground for you to make decisions so read through them carefully and choose what is good for you.

Here’s top five LED light bars 2016

Eyourlife 22” Off Road 120w Led For Jeep

Wonenice LED light barThis particular LED bar light will give you the best value for your money. You can get it anywhere between $80 to $10 and its LED bar is full light.

It is extremely bright and simply amazing. This particular LED bar is a combo light with Spot and flood.

Many of the users who have bought it give it a five star rating and describe it as an amazing fitting which provided more than they expected from it at first glance. If you buy it from Amazon, it should be delivered free of charge.

Wonenice 52’ 300w Led Driving Light Bar

Wonenice 52The manufacturer of this particular LED bar was so confident that he asks you to soak it in water just to test its quality, should it fail you will get a replacement.

That is how confident he was with its quality. Its 6500K white color range gives your car that perfect cool look once you turn on your head lights.

It is fitted with an internal current regulator that help prevent any damage that might arise because of voltage fluctuations and its high intensity LED lights gives them more power and illuminations. It has a guarantee and it costs on average $95.00

Xtreme E2 Series off Road 7.5” 36W LED Bar

The good thing about this product that makes it exceptional is that it is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles. The outer glass surface of this LED bar is made of Quartz lens with very high light transmission making it super bright.

Xtreme E2 Series off Road

This LED bar is waterproof, dustproof and quakeproof and it is also designed to eliminate excessive heating. For all the things it offers, it is affordable and goes for around $33.5

Lamphus Cruizer 12’72w Cree Led Bar

This LED bar has a 30 degrees focus of spot light which provides a very long range of coverage. It is also made of 6-3W creed LEDs bringing it to a total of 18W at 6000K color temperature and an amazing 1600 lumens. It is also water and dust resistant because of its aluminium casting. It also comes with an installation manual and a one year warranty.

Zone Tech Li0006 7” 36w Flood Beam Cree Led

It has a pure white daylight with its 6500 color temperature. This alone guarantees you clear visibility whether deep in darkness or at dusk. It also has low current draw hence it does not harm your battery.

This product is fitted with ultra-bright LEDS which allows you to work comfortably without the trouble of having to hold a flash light. They are great for outdoor activities such as camping and road trips among others. The great news is that you can get this for only $30.


Before making a final decision on the type of LED light bar you want to buy carry out a background research and do comparison between the various brands of LED light bars in the market to determine their quality and prices.

Learn to differentiate between high quality LED bars, though those may be a little bit expensive and the low quality cheaply made ones. This knowledge will ensure that you always get the best product for your bucks.