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Best 5 LED Light Bar on the Market Now

If you are reading this article I am assuming that you want to purchase the best LED light bar. I want to help you make your decision and I am going to present 5 of the best LED light bars that your money can buy. I think you want something rough, easy to mount and something “shiny”. Neither one of this awesome LED light bars won’t disappoint you, trust me. And you are going to have the ride of your life!

1. VisionX Reflex LED Lightbar

The first product that I would recommend is VisionX Reflex LED Lightbar. You will be impressed by its design because this model comes with incredible and innovative appearance.

VisionX Reflex

With this LED light bar you won’t have any problem sourcing a large range of high performance systems. Because this is such a heavy bar, everyone with notice and envy your ride.
The lengths that are available for this model are 6, 9, 12, 20, 34, 40 and 52. Most of the LED light bars come in black but this special model can be ordered also in white. If you think this is the model that suits you, don’t give it a second thought.

2. Baja ONX LED Light Bar

Baja ONX LED Light Bar

The second best LED light bar that convinced me is Baja ONX LED Light Bar. This product will definitely give a lot of personality to your car and it’s very easy to fell in love with it. The designers had a lot of imagination and they’ve done such a good job.

I also have to tell you that this model gives 4300 lumens in a ten inch section and you can purchase it even in a 50 inches section. A nice plus is also the decoration on the alumunium case. This LED light bar almost sells itself!

3. VisionX Xmitter Light bar

Another product that VisionX released and dominates the market is VisionX Xmitter Light bar. One of the reasons why customers choose this product is because it has a double row of 3W LEDs.

VisionX Xmitter Light bar

Most of the models have the front lens made of polycarbonate but this awesome model has front lens high impact acrylic. You also won’t have any problem when mounting it because this model can be mounted even by dummies. Yes, it’s that easy!

4. ARB Intensity LED Driving Light

The next LED light bar in our list is ARB Intensity LED Driving Light. You may wonder why I picked this model. Well, I haven’t. The users did. This model has a great design and it’s perfect for those of you who want a good lighting for your ride. The product isn’t pricey and it’s a great way to upgrade your vehicle. Give it a try!

5. Cosmobleze Cree LED Light Bar

The last but not least LED light bar on my list is Cosmobleze Cree LED Light Bar. Even if the producer of this model is quite new in the area I must tell you that it’s a hell of a competition for the other producers. You can purchase this model on single or double-row. One of the reasons why people love this product is because of its design and resistance. You will love it right after you will take it out of the box.

So, dear readers, I hoped I helped you made your decision. If you want a last advice: choose wisely and buy the LED light bar that reflects your personality.

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