What to Consider in 2021

When looking for a best LED light bar in 2021, it is good to not only consider its pricing, but also a host of other factors that will see the light bar serving you effectively for a long time. These factors include the length of light bar, configurations, color, accessories, bar covers, and mounting options available. Before we review top 3 light bars, let’s take a look at what to consider before the buying decision.

led light bar review

In 2006, the first LED light bar was introduced. Today, there are innumerable brands and types in the market. Discover the benefits of this technology and sample a few of the leading products.

1. Color variations

You can find light bars of majority of the primary colours that include red, green and blue. Many more LED lights can attain a combination of basic colours to get all sorts of color variations. This feature endears them mostly to night clubs and other places of entertainment.

2. Live long

There has not been any other lighting equipment in the past that live as long as LED bars. They do not burn even with increased hour of operation. In fact, they can light a facility for 90,000 hours on end. This translates to 10 years of continuous lighting.

LED light bar

3. Efficient consumption

Experts have emphasized on the fact that LED lights consume less power than conventional lighting tools. In fact, they can use up to 85% less energy. They may be the replacement for incandescent light bulbs in the near future.

4. Eco-friendly bulbs and Durability

Unlike conventional lighting solutions that contain mercury, LED light bars do not contain any harmful materials. Some health conditions have been attributed to carbon heavily present in the traditional fluorescent light bulbs.

Supernight LED light Strip

The light bulbs we have been using in the past are made of glass filaments on the cover. This makes them susceptible to breakage when hit.

Luckily, that is not the case for LED bulbs. They are made to be versatile especially for use outdoor. This is arguably the reason why automobile companies have embraced the equipment.

Similarly, they can withstand continued heat for many hours without showing signs of distress. On the same note, they can tolerate frequent fluctuations of power. Should your power supply be unstable, the LED light bar will still put up with it.

5. Additional benefits

The design of green, blue and red light bars makes them easy to be used in almost all lighting places. – Vehicles, homesteads, night clubs and much more. Additionally, they are easy to install where they are needed.

The fact that they do not emit ultra violet rays makes them eco-friendly. Similarly, people prefer them these days as they emit low amounts of energy as compared to incandescent, fluorescent and halogen bulbs.

Best LED light bars 2021 Review

Xtreme 300W Lights Bar Combo

This is light that can withstand shaking, rust and water. It is ideal for areas that need continuous illumination. It measures 1392 by 114 by 86.5 mm. The light bar comes in multiple colours has a mounting kit and installation instructions. This is arguably the best LED light bar.

Xtreme LED lights bar

Supernight Waterproof LED Light Strip

From its name, it is a highly flexible light strip. This makes it versatile for use in many domestic and outdoor places. You can customize the colours and flashing patterns to suit your needs.

LED Wholesalers LED Flexible Strip

This is similar to other brands but what sets it apart is its remote control with 44 buttons for a wide array of customization. Additionally, you can change its brightness as desired.

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